Off the Cliff

Seven days left. Then the goats, ducks and barn cats are gone. The milking and cheesemaking cease. And we have two days to get our sh*t together and go pick up the MoHo (motor home). Her name will be Mohogany (see what we did there?) and she will be our every-other-six-weeks home for the next XX years.

So as to not lose our minds over losing our goats (actually, migrating them to another farm), we are giving our hearts to two new passions: our grandchildren. As farmers everywhere know, when you have livestock, you don’t travel at will. We’ve been here on the farm every summer for nine years, tending our goats. Now we have two splendid grandchildren and a HUGE hankering to see them regularly, so we’re going on the road.

That also means trekking. Lots of trekking. To all of North America’s road-accessible National and Provincial Parks. Some we’ll visit with the grands, many without. And for as long as she is able, our trusty 11-year-old Norwegian Elkhound Jules will be along.

So this is the maiden post. And the maiden voyage starts in ten days. Come along for the ride!

Cheers, Jill and George (and Jules)



2 thoughts on “Off the Cliff

  1. Marieke Kloosterman

    Dear Jill and George,
    Has it really been three years since we last met in Amsterdam.
    Enjoy the good life and have a safe trip.
    Marieke and Wim


    1. Yes, it’s unbelievable,isn’t it? When are you and Wim coming to North America? Would be GREAT to meet you someplace! Enjoy the rest of the summer, we hope you are healthy and having fun!
      Love, Jill and George


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