Back home, and already itching for the road!

We’re back home today with a few additional pix, and observations about how we fared while gone/upon our return. At the same time, we can’t wait to get going again. Guess this will be a frequent feeling.

Our first three-week trip was exhilarating, exhausting and full of learnings. It mostly reinforced our decision on the make and model of motor home (a good feeling), and stoked the fires to get out on longer trips with more hiking. All in, a very positive shakedown trip which resulted in lots of small tweaks to be made before the next outing.

As you may guess, we fell in love with the Upper Peninsula on the way to and from MN, and look forward to returning on most every trip to MN (where the grandkids are). We now have a list of great fisheries/fish markets to frequent for restocking of the good stuff, and lots of waterfalls, museums and hikes to go back for. The Porkies and UP’s Northern Lights are calling! And there are always the most lovely surprises to be encountered in camps and waysides.

One disappointing realization is that our beloved Jules is not cut out for travel. She loves laying in the grass on the farm and being a sentry on well-known property too much to pull up stakes every few days for parts unknown. And she HATES riding in the MoHo. We had to medicate her, poor thing, almost every day to keep the panting, pacing, sour stomach and stress drools to a minimum – not the recipe for a high-quality dog’s life. So we are now going through Norwegian Elkhound Rescue societies and associations to rehome her to a loving couple with a small amount of acreage who needs a yard guard. Another painful separation lies ahead.

Upon returning home, we saw that the wildlife had already reclaimed Birchbark Farm as its sovereign territory. Coyote close to the house, deer having their way with our bushes, roses, perennials and berries, turkeys in the orchards. Oh well….they’re in charge here now.

Twenty pounds of fresh Michigan and Canadian whitefish, walleye, perch and lake trout is now in the farm freezer, and we’re happily looking forward to dining on it during the at-home months. Meantime prep is already underway on the farm for the cold season, as well as laying in supplies and reconfiguring MoHogany for the October trip. We’ll post you once we’re underway on that trip!


2 thoughts on “Back home, and already itching for the road!

  1. mlwartist

    So glad your first trip went well. It was a very good idea to take a shorter trip first to find out all the things you might wish you’d done differently. So sorry about Jules, but I’m not surprised. She is too old to change her ways, and she does love the farm life. I hope you can find a good home for her and I know you’ll miss her. She wouldn’t be up to those long hikes you hope to take either. We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday for whatever time you can spare. Good luck with the shopping! Love you, Mom and Bob
    PS: Lovely pics…


  2. Jeanne

    Poor Jules. I hope she finds a nice loving home to live out the rest of her years. Glad you enjoyed your adventures to the UP and Minnesota. We look forward to your future blogs.


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