For those curious for a peek at the goats…

Just received new pix of the goat ladies on the milk stand, and we’re sharing them with you as most are familiar with the milkers but not the new milking help!

Meet Arielle and Adelle, two of the family Talsma, who took over the herd in mid-August! Click on the pix for more detail.

All nine of the Talsma children are blond, gregarious, energetic and ready to be involved with the animals’ care. We just heard from them today that our rehired barn cats are also happily re-ensconced in herd life down south in Zeeland, MI. So this story really does have a happy ending for all! If we get any further details about their goings-on and shenanigans, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Meanwhile preparation continues apace for our upcoming trip to the Mid-Atlantic via Minnesota. Updates to follow from such attractions as the Midewin Tall Grass Prairie in Illinois, the highlights of Indianapolis, The Great Smokies, Shenandoah, the Outer Banks, hollers of West Virginia, Jules’ (our Norwegian Elkhound) new home in NE Kentucky, and the Rookwood Ceramic Workshop in Cincinnati!

Be well, and stay tuned!

Best, Jill and George Goatrekkers




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