Quick diversion: East Carolina BBQ!!!!

Oh my, the delights of the smoked ambrosia they have in Everetts, NC!!! We’re talkin’ TURKEY, boys and girls! Ben Jones’ most excellent slow-roasted sweet and tangy BBQ chopped turkey is THE BEST!! Google them when you’re in the area, or search on FB for Ben Jones BBQ Turkey. And get you some.

We had to wait until 3pm to get there and heat/assemble our sammies, but they were worth every hunger pang. So stinkin’ tasty!!

East Carolina BBQ is a lot drier than Memphis. The soaker sauce is vinegar-y, sweet and tangy. It takes to a little mayo and bread + butter pickles like a duck to water. Scrumptious!
We drove up to Ben Jones’ fantastic down-home BBQ (next door to his house), called him, and he and his lovely wife Sandra came out and loaded us up with 7 pints of this heavenly food. What could be better?
George is gettin’ down with it!
His second sammie of the day, and he’s irked that I’m making him wait to take a bite!

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