Texas Hill Country in the 1800’s


Heading inland, what a lovely surprise to come upon a well-preserved frontier settlement town of the 1800’s in Comfort, Texas. This is a small burg, founded as so many were in the Hill Country by German immigrant farmers (the deutsche Freidenker brand of Cowboy Philosophers).

Comfort’s clapboard homes and limestone business buildings on the old main street reminds me of the town my mom grew up in (Clarkston, MI) with its stone buildings and old settlers’ homes next to the millpond. Well worth a visit, and they have an honest-to-goodness pie and gift shop (Miss Giddy’s) that should be your first stop if you love chocolate crème, apple-cranberry or sawdust (YUM!) pies.  Included here are also some shots of old downtown Alpine, which is northwest of Big Bend.

We ventured on to Fredericksburg, also full of pride for its German heritage, with similar lovely turn-of-the-century preserved building stock. This was following a peak experience hiking….


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