Wending our Way Home

Mostly focused on racking up the miles, we are bee-lining it to Wisconsin for a meetup at Kalahari Water Resort in the Wisconsin Dells with our kids and grandkids. But along the way, we made time for a quick stop at Teribithia Goat Dairy in Paola, KS, where Vince and Becky Thorpe have a lovely herd of about 35 Oberhaslis, including 12 milking does. We are so lonesome for our goats, who always kidded about this time every year. We fed the Teribithian does apples, cooed and cuddled with them for about 30 min before getting back on the road!

One thing is for certain: after nearly seven weeks of communing with nature, forests and mountains, we are shell-shocked to reenter civilization. It’s more disorienting than the process of leaving civilization…more fatigue, more anxiety, less inner peace, and I miss the trees and rocks and scaled quail talking to us. We’ll be counting the days until we take off for adventure #Three!


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