About Goatrekking

We are two human beings* who revel in life experienced in 10-year increments. Our previous decades include an extended stint of world travel, a staid corporate life in a major metro, operating successful startup businesses with lots of mobility, running a goat micro-dairy in the country with next to no mobility, and now an adventurous life as nomads on the road, occasionally with grandkids in tow.

The North American continent beckons, and curiosity has gotten the better of us. On the list for exploration are

  • the visual delights of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, the Kenai Peninsula, Antelope Canyon, Shiprock, and many thousands of other not-so-well-known physical wonders;
  • all of the geological traces we can find from the 2 billion+ years of seismic, volcanic, erosional and orogenic cycles in this part of the world;
  • all of the goat dairies we can find to visit and sample from;
  • the continent’s best farm markets, pie bakeries, fish and game markets;
  • the pick of state fairs, quilt exhibitions, national rock shows and national monuments;
  • places where we can experience profound quiet, nature and realms nearly untouched by the hand of humans.

It is our intent to share the journey with those who wish to follow us vicariously. But if we get wrapped up in the adventure with only limited time to post, please forgive us. The road has precedence over the keyboard.

  • *Please note that we have regrettably had to rehome our beloved elkhound, Jules, as she told us in no uncertain terms on our first adventure that she is NOT up for traveling. After many doses of calming meds with not enough calming results, we decided for her well-being that she belongs on an alpaca ranch in Northeastern Kentucky. She is there now, happily coexisting with two other elkhounds, two brothers who run the ranch, and 10 gelded alpaca males. She is in heaven, and we are relieved!

2 thoughts on “About Goatrekking

  1. George Budzynski

    We can hardly wait to start the next adventure. We never dreamed that all the years of work would allow us the flexibility to move through life’s adventures with such a desire to learn new things.


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